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  • pom pom hat pattern

    Top 5 Hat Patterns for Fall

    We love knitting hats, we knit them year round for ourselves and our loved ones. There's something so comforting about wearing a hand-knit hat, plus it keeps you cozy and...

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  • Where Have All the Clutches Gone?

    Our shelves are nearly empty as we send out the last of our first ever batch of Notions Clutches today. Our babies have left the nest and are on their...

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    Where Have All the Clutches Gone?
  • The Notions Clutch

    The Notions Clutch

    The T&M Notions Clutch was our very first product idea and we thought we'd share its journey, from its very humble beginnings: This frame-worthy artistic rendition was the first concept...

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  • So, here we are!

    It's not *exactly* as we pictured it, launching our new business during a worldwide pandemic and general chaos, but alas, here we are! If we're being honest, we definitely had...

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    So, here we are!
  • Every Little Bit Helps

    Every Little Bit Helps

    Although we're a small new company, we hope to make an impact and from the start, agreed that we would leverage our business to give back. It can be overwhelming...

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