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Unwrap the Joy of Boxing Day 🎁

Written by Thread & Maple


Posted on December 26 2023

As the holiday season wraps us in its warm embrace, there's a day that often gets overshadowed by the glittering lights and post-Christmas excitement: Boxing Day.

Now, don't let the name fool you; it's not about throwing punches or packing up your holiday decorations.

We're leaning in to the sales side of this festive day with 10% off all purchases and 15% off all purchases over $200 with the code BOXEXTRA5.

But that's not all Boxing Day is about. So join us as we unwrap the delightful tradition of Boxing Day!


So, What's the Deal with Boxing Day?

Well, the roots of this day go way back, and it has nothing to do with sparring in the ring. Back in medieval England, the day after Christmas was when wealthy households would box up leftover food, clothing, and other goodies to distribute to those less fortunate.

It was a time for generosity and giving, a practice that continues to in new ways today. While the original concept of boxing up goods for the needy has evolved, the essence of giving remains at its core.

Many people use this day to extend the holiday cheer by donating to charities, volunteering their time, or simply performing random acts of kindness. It's a wonderful way to continue the spirit of Christmas and share the love with others.


Boxing Day Around the World

While Boxing Day has its origins in the UK, the celebration has spread its joy across the globe. Different countries have put their unique spin on the day, incorporating various traditions and customs.

In Canada, it's a time for family gatherings and outdoor activities, embracing the wintry wonderland.

In Australia, it's a public holiday filled with sports and barbecues.

And, of course, in all of these countries, the day is also marked with massive amounts of shopping! 


A Day of Mega-Deals

For the shopaholics among us, Boxing Day also marks the beginning of one of the biggest sales events of the year for countries around the world. 

And hello bandwagon, we're jumping on! 

From new binder pages to your favorite classic accessories, we're putting everything on sale. Get 10% off all purchases today only! Plus, get an additional 5% for a total of 15% off purchases over $200 with the code BOXDAYEXTRA5!

So if Santa missed a special something on your wish list, worry not – Boxing Day is here to make your cozy dreams come true.  

 Notions Zip under Christmas Tree

The Blessing of Boxing Day

Whether you're passing on the spirit of giving, scoring incredible deals, or simply enjoying a day of leisure with loved ones, Boxing Day is a wonderful extension of the holiday season.

So, embrace the joy, spread kindness, and maybe even treat yourself to a post-Christmas splurge – after all, 'tis the season to be jolly! 🌟🎄


Sam & Olga



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