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On the Go
Notions Clutch
wood phone stand with magnetic tray, handmade in canada from maple wood, designed for knitters and crafters
Leather Cable Needle Pouch - Chocolate - Goods
Cork Tapestry Needles Slip - Accessories
Cork Scissors Sheath - Accessories
Cork Stitch Markers Case - Accessories
Nook Magnetic Basket 12 - Whiskey - Baskets
Cork Cable Needle Pouch - Accessories
unique yarn bowl box handmade from maple wood with magnetic roof to for knitting notions storage
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Birdhouse Box
gift box for knitters in the shape of a cake box with magnetic lid and built in phone stand
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Cake Box
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on the go compact mini knitting notions case with mini scissors, unique heart stitch markers, darning needles
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Nook Magnetic Cork Basket 12 - Baskets
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