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  • knitting project bag with worsted weight yarn

    Giveaway! Craft Your Comfort

    One of the best parts of being a maker being able to craft your comfort 🧶 Needlework enables us to connect, find comfort and solace in our otherwise hectic lives. There's...

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  • New T&M Headquarters

    This month has been super hectic for us, as Thread & Maple moved into its first office space - hooray! And Thread & Maple being the two of us, this...

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    thread and maple office
  • Support Teachers & Kids This September

    Support Teachers & Kids This September

    This month, many kids and teachers are heading back to school with the start of the new school year. Speaking with our friends, family and neighbours who have school-aged kids...

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  • Our First Charitable Donation!

    With Thread & Maple's two-month anniversary this week, we can't quite believe how old/young we are! The months just flew by, but at the same time it feels like we've...

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    Our First Charitable Donation!
  • New Cake Recipe

    New Cake Recipe

    We've decided to change our Cake 'recipe' :) As of August 25th, our Cake notions storage boxes will no longer be available in black or white. We've instead added chocolate...

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