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New Cake Recipe

Written by Olga Paskalenko


Posted on August 26 2020

We've decided to change our Cake 'recipe' :)

As of August 25th, our Cake notions storage boxes will no longer be available in black or white. We've instead added chocolate and caramel frosting for a more 'delicious' look. Our original black/white frosting lids were created by a different maker than the bases themselves, so it was quite complicated to coordinate the assembly of the final pieces. We've worked with our woodworking shop in Ontario, Canada to be able to create the lids in the same place, from the same maple wood.

These cake boxes were our most challenging design, due to the shape of the frosting lid. We went through quite a lot of iterations of different manufacturing processes, including cutting steel, coating with vinyl, using different kinds of wood and 3D printing. We're very excited to have landed on the final design!

To all those who've purchased the black/white version, you now have a truly limited edition piece in your home, as there are only a few dozen of them in the world :)

We hope you like the new look/taste of our little cakes!




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