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knit for the girls fundraiser

Welcome to our 3rd annual fundraiser in the fight against breast cancer!

Join us, Sam & Olga of Thread and Maple, Tracie & Jodi of the Grocery Girls and Karina Moore of Louie & Lola Yarns to raise funds for life-saving breast cancer research.

Here's what we've got going on:

    ✨ Fiber-tastic raffle prizes for donors to the North American & Australian fundraisers awarded daily Oct 21-28

    Daily Raffle Prizes

    ✨ New "Knit for the Girls" bundle available for purchase Oct 28th with $25USD/$35CAD from the sale of each bundle donated to Breast Cancer Canada (which will also available for purchase in the Louie & Lola Yarns online store).

      ✨ A knit/crochet-along in the Grocery Girls Ravelry group to hand make breast prosthetics for survivors Oct 21-Nov 30 (+ a Knitted Knockers kit available to purchase with everything you need to knock out some knitted knockers!) There is also a Tassie Boobs MAL being hosted by Louie & Lola Yarns in Australia - check it out here.

      ✨ Dozens of grand prizes drawing from list of all donors Oct 28, featuring luxurious accessories and yarn bundles of North America's & Australia's Finest Indie Dyers

      Grand Prize Collage

      It’s hard to find a member of this tight-knit community who hasn’t been impacted by breast cancer, be it personally or through a family member or friend. Let's unite to show support for this important cause.

      Congratulations to all our donor raffle prize winners!



      Day 1

      Day 2

      Day 3

      Day 4

      Day 5

      Day 6

      Jackie Nadler

      Danielle Jamieson

      Joanne Chia

      Kathryn Kirkpatrick

      Melissa Bolin

      Mieka Lake

      Nicole Bishop

      Nancy Rousseau

      Fionna Bourne

      Hayley Evans

      Kate Thackeray

      Ting Hsi

      Cindy Williams

      Cathy Hawkins

      Lisa Foreman

      Meera Ashar

      Jess Neville

      Patrick Koen

      Micheline Almeida

      Angéle Francoeur

      Julia Wedemeyer

      Jenny Routh

      Caressa Armstrong

      Jamie Stinson

      Denica VanderGaast

      Becky Bechthold

      Lisa Nakao

      David Reavie

      Sarah Hale

      Stella Funk

      Isabelle Bartowiak

      Susan Fearnley

      Heather Crysdale

      Nicole Pantojas

      Caroline St. Pierre

      Danice Andrus

      Susan Conyers

      Sheila Pullin

      Sherri Garrett

      Tori Cozart

      Angelina Rafferty

       Sheila Kinzel

      Jo van Dart

      Christina Killoran

      Carrie Barrett

      Meagan Young

      Marcia Topinka



      Bron Hicks

      Sally Miller

      Toni Smith

      Naomi Gohn

      Jenny Boardman

      Jennifer Kanis

      Lisette Ayotte

      Shawn Lim

      Amanda Hartwick

      Shona Green

      Ros Twycross

      MaryBeth Rhines

      Lisa Cann

      Jenni Garlick

      Christine Hill

      Julianne Griffett

      Candace Evans

      Jodie Ruth

      Kaitlin Konsor

      Lisa Dunsmuir

      Alixandra Brown

      Colleen Murphy

      Melinda Niall

      Annette Ness

      Cheryl Clemons

      Susanne Haake

      Lynn Barnum

      Christine Cossens

      Mary Cafmeyer

      Jacqui Francis

      Ashley King

      Dianna Cox

      Ange Dodd

      Lisa Morikawa


      Amy Jones

      Jana Gorveatt

      Toni Howland

      Diane Mazurkewich


      Marie Dimovski 

      Christine Herfst

      Heather Bender

      Geneviève Larrivée



      Proudly Supporting

      Breast Cancer Canada

      Breast Cancer Canada provides funding for researchers in cancer centers, universities and laboratories across the country. It receives no government funding, all the research is driven through the generosity of donors.

      NBCF Australia

      The National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) is Australia’s leading not-for-profit organization funding world-class
      breast cancer research towards the vision of Zero Deaths from breast

      Knitted Knockers

      Knitted Knockers are special handmade breast prostheses for women who have had breast cancer and undergone mastectomy or lumpectomy. Volunteer knitters provide these free to breast cancer survivors.

      Tassie Boobs

      Tassie Boobs for Breast Cancer rallies Aussie knitters and crocheters to hand-make natural breast prosthetics for cancer survivors who've undergone a mastectomy or lumpectomy.

      Enter to Win




      For Donors

      Your Questions Answered

      Every daily $5+ donation to Breast Cancer Canada on our fundraiser page October 21-28 counts as an entry into the following day's raffle prize draw. Thread & Maple and The Grocery Girls will each select one daily winner from all of the previous day's donors. All donors who contribute throughout the week are entered into the grand prize drawings. You can also enter the Aussie raffles by donating via Karina's NBCF Australia fundraiser page.

      Knit for the Girls Bundles will go on sale here in our shop, as well as at and October 28th at noon EDT/AEDT. Quantities are limited**

      If you're making some knockers, click here to join our Knitted Knockers Make-Along for a chance to win awesome prizes. Participation in the KAL is totally up to you, you can still knock out some knockers! We put together Knitted Knockers Kits that have everything you need to make them. You can also source your own materials, just be sure to read through the Knitted Knockers guidelines, as they'll only accept knockers made from a list of pre-approved yarns.

      This is a team effort to raise as much as possible for breast cancer research--no matter where you donate. Donations in the Aussie NBCF fundraiser will gain you entries into the Aussie raffle prize drawings and donations to the BCC fundraiser will gain you entries into the North American prize drawings. Regardless of where you live, you can contribute to both.

      Shop Our Partners to Support

      Ross Taylor, one of our generous prize sponsors and creator of Twisted Ambitions Yarn, has specially curated a beautiful array of colourways in support of the Knit for the Girls fundraiser.

      twisted ambitions kit

       $5 from the sale of each skein will go to the Knit for the Girls fundraiser :)

      Our Generous Sponsors