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The Notions Clutch

Written by Samantha Perrault


Posted on July 06 2020

The T&M Notions Clutch was our very first product idea and we thought we'd share its journey, from its very humble beginnings:

knitting organizer concept

This frame-worthy artistic rendition was the first concept drawing that I sent Olga during one of our numerous phone chats back in 2019. I always have a couple of knitting projects in the works and I found myself often frustrated with my knitting organizers. I have lots of different project bags and pouches, but my notions often got lost in their various inner pockets. I would end up just having scissors and stitch markers scattered in a tray on my coffee table as at least I could easily grab one from there!


knitting tool case sketchFor me, this knitting tool organizer layout just felt practical. I wanted to create something that I myself would use. I laid out my most used knitting tools and we designed the case around them. Our set of essential knitting notions is built around the tools that I use every day. We set out to create our 'dream notions organizer' and create not only quality knitting tools, but beautiful and unique at the same time.

ugly-knitting-tools-caseThe first thing we did was scour the internet and visited several craft shops to see if we were reinventing the wheel. We were really surprised by the paltry offering at some of the craft supplies stores, where this was literally the closest thing we could find in a local Michaels shop.

From there, we went on a wild ride of prototypes, including, but not limited to, this oddity which somehow materialized due to a miscommunication between us and one of our leather maker candidates:

clutch 1.0

We didn't get discouraged though and after several more iterations and 'auditioning' different leather makers, we got closer to our vision:

notions clutch 2.0

After months of prototyping, we were thrilled to have the Clutch in production:

notions clutch productionleather knitting organizer in productionleather knitting case production

Until finally, thanks to Pavlo and his team of super talented leather crafters, our idea is finally a reality:

notions clutch

And today we're on the edge of our seats waiting for the first Clutches to make their way to their new homes! We'd love to know what you think of them, so if you ordered yours, please take a moment to leave a review with photos of you using it! It'll be like watching our child take its first steps :)

If you haven't gotten yours yet, be sure to take advantage of our members-only $15.00 CAD discount when you buy the Notions Clutch with at least 3 notions from the bundle. Sign up for a T&M account to reveal this limited time offer!




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