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Wholesale Needle Binder

At this time, we are not fulfilling needle binder wholesale orders.

While our leather workers in Ukraine are safe, at work and grateful for the distraction, the airspace is still closed for commercial shipping carriers, so we are unable to receive parcels from them. We are actively searching for shipping solutions and are trialling 2 at the moment. As soon as we secure a reliable shipping method, we will open binders wholesale. In the meantime, we would ask that you place your binder order request separately so that you secure your spot in the queue. As soon as we have more updates or are able to ship your binders, we will reach out and let you know!

Binder Ordering Guidelines

As this is quite a complex item to stock, since customers can customize it based on their unique needle collection, we wanted to share some information and suggestions to help you optimize your order.

We've gathered the following purchasing trends:

  • Size preference is 70/30 Jumbo/Regular
  • Colour preference is 60/40 Whiskey/Chocolate
  • 80% of binder shells are purchased with at least one of each Fixed Circular and DPN page
  • The most popular Interchangeables page is the Chiaogoo Complete, with 70% of binder customers purchasing one
  • The second most popular IC page is the Lykke Regular, with 30% of binder customers purchasing one
  • 40% of binder customers purchase a set of Needle Size Markers in size Small, while 20% purchase one of sizes Large or Mini

Ordering Recommendations

We are currently having a hard time keeping up production with demand, so to reduce wait time, we would recommend to submit your order as soon as possible to secure your place in the queue.

If you're unsure how many binders you need, we would recommend to get an in-store sample kit to start and take preorders from your customers for bespoke binder kits. We've created a Needle Binder Store Sample Bundle, that has the binder, a DPN Page, a Fixed Circular Page, a Chiaogoo Complete Page and 1 set of Small Needle Size Markers.

E-mail us at should you have any questions or concerns.

Looking forward to seeing our Needle Binder in your shop!