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Thank you for Completing our Customer Survey!

We so appreciate you taking the time to answer our questions! It means the world to us, because we love getting to know you. 

But you're not the only one who answered the questions! We thought you might like to know more about us too! 


All About Us

First Name (and what we do!) 

Olga: Owner and Co-Founder of Thread & Maple

Megan: Marketing Manager

Amy: Social Media Coordinator

Whitney: B2B Accounts Manager


Super Duper Socials 😎

Which social media platforms do you use regularly (once a week or more)? 

Amy: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Angela: TikTok, Instagram

Olga: Instagram

Which Facebook Knitting groups do you participate in? 

Olga: Stranded Knits, NYS Sheep & Wool Festival, Ambah's Knitterati

Megan: Knitting is my Yoga, Love to Knit, Knitting Network, Knit & Chat, Knitters Gonna Knit

Amy: Loose Ends Project Finishers, NYS Sheep & Wool Festival, NJ Sheep and Fiber Festival

Which designers, dyers, and/or influencers create the best social media content? 

Megan: Gotham Knits, Flannel & Purl, Knitatude, Julieannknitter

Whitney: hyphygrandma, gothamknits, rohnstrong, darcidoesit 

Olga: Gotham Knits, Flannel & Purl, Stitch.Witch.Craft, PetiteKnit

For the Love of Knitting 🧶

Which knitwear (or crochet) designers are your favorite? 

Amy: Andrea Cull / Knitrino, @KaceyKnits, Vanessa Smith Designs, Paula Pereira, @TanisKnits, Emily Wood Designs, @wool.and.pine.designs

Whitney: Petite Knit, Jessie Mae, Pernille Larson (knittingforolive),, and designing for myself!

Olga: Mette Wendelboe Okkels (@PetiteKnit,), Andrea Mowry (@dreareneeknits), Vincent Williams (@visuvios_crafts)

Which yarn dyers/brands are your favorite? 

Megan: Miss Babs, Spincycle Yarns, La Bien Aimee, Primrose Yarn Co., Crave Yarns, Camellia Fiber Co., The Fiber Seed, Life in the Long Grass, Longdog Yarns

Amy: Red Door Fibre Studio, Plank and Stella, Lolabean Yarn Co., The Fiber Seed, mYak Fibers, Dragon Hoard Yarn, Camellia Fiber Co., Magpie Fibers, The Blue Brick, Megs & Co yarn

Whitney: Hedgehog Fibres, Galler, Rowan, Koigu

Olga: Louie & Lola Yarns, Sonder Yarn Co., Junk Yarn

How do you shop for craft supplies and accessories? 

Amy & Megan: Half in person & half online

Angela: Mostly online

Whitney: Mostly in person

Olga: Mostly online

Where do you get your patterns from? 

Megan: Ravelry, Blogs

Whitney: Ravelry, Other

Olga: Ravelry, Blogs/Websites

Which LYS's (local yarn stores) are your favorite? 

Megan: Michigan Fine Yarns is the bomb! 

Amy: Purls of Wisdom, Wild Hand, Forever Yarn

Whitney: Argyle in Brooklyn and until it recently closed, String Yarns.

Olga: Espace Tricot in Montreal, The Knitting Loft in Toronto

Which stores are your favorite for online shopping?

Megan: Spincycle, La Bien Aimee & LOTS of different indie dyers

Amy: Knit Picks, Jimmy Beans Wools

Olga: We Are Knitters, Purl Soho

Which fiber festivals have you attended in the last 3 years? 

Megan: Vogue Knitting Live, Rhinebeck, the Hoosier Hills Fiber Festival, & the Michigan Fiber Festival. 

Amy: Rhinebeck, Vogue Knitting Live, Maryland Sheep & Wool, NJ Sheep & Wool Festival, Knitters Day Out

Olga: Rhinebeck, Knit City Vancouver, Knit City Montreal, Stitches West

Where do you watch craft tutorials? 

Amy: YouTube, Instagram, Blogs

Angela: YouTube

Olga: YouTube, Instagram

Which craft tutorial creators are your favorite?

Amy: Very Pink Knits, Purl Soho, Sheep & Stitch

Olga: Purl Soho, Sheep & Stitch, Denise Desantos

Which crafty podcasts or vlogs do you like to listen/watch to?

Megan: Pardon My Stash, Happy Hour with Les Garçons, I'll Knit If I Want To

Whitney: Fruity Knitting

Olga: Grocery Girls Knit, Flannel & Pod

You + Thread & Maple = ❤️

What is your most love/used T&M item? 

Megan: Needle Binder

Amy: Pochette

Whitney: Needle Binder

Olga: Maple Phone Stand

How did you find out about T&M?  

Olga: Other (cause she co-created it) 

Megan: A friend recommendation

Amy: Google search

Whitney: Instagram feed


Thanks again! 

And that's us! We love knitting (and T&M products) and had a ton of fun filling out the survey and getting to know each other better as well as you.

We hope you enjoyed it as well and stay tuned to our socials to start hearing some of the results! 


Sam & Olga