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Binder Pages are the new Single-Set Knitting Needle Cases

Written by Thread & Maple


Posted on August 17 2023

Our needle binder gets a lot of love because... well... it's pretty awesome! But if a whole binder is not in your budget right now, no worries! You can still start storing your needles in style today, because our leather binder pages can serve as a single set knitting needle case! 

Lykke Single Set Knitting Needle Case

This means that you can get a fabulous, hand-stitched leather knitting needle case for your favorite needle set for only $54-$83 USD. 

And perhaps one day, when you have a couple individual knitting needle cases under your belt. Well... did you know that they have these nifty clips that hook into our gorgeous leather needle binder? Just a thought ;) 

 Where to Start Building Your Collection

It can be hard to decide where to begin. If choosing your favorite needles set feels like choosing your favorite child, then let us recommend the Project Page

Project Page
It can hold a little bit of everything from fixed circulars to the interchangeables you need for a project. You can slide in some DPNs, a hook for any mistakes, and of course a few markers to lose and a few to use. 
It's everything you need for a single project all in one nifty case. And it's a great way to test out if you think a big binder is for you! 
If picking your favorite needle set is a no-brainer. You can dive straight into a single set knitting needle case for the needles you love. 


Stories from the Staff

Before Megan joined the staff at Thread & Maple, she'd been drooling over our knitting needle binder for years. She'd built out every different combination she could every want. But with at least 5 bander pages and the hand-stitched cover in every combination, it continued to be a wistful someday... 

She knew that the individual binder pages could be pulled out and taken on-the-go, but in her head it all came together as a package until one day it finally clicked. She could start with a single page.

And that's what she did. 

With each birthday or Christmas she adds a new single set knitting needle case, aka binder page. Now she's halfway to the binder of her dreams and enjoying every step along the way! 


More Budget-Friendly Options

We pride ourselves in creating high-quality, handmade products to make your knitting life cozy. We also believe in paying our artisans a living wage. So while we cannot promise that every item we sell is friendly to every budget, we strive to provide awesome options for every budget! 

Check out our budget-friendly notions, cases, and bundles below! 



Before You Go... 

We'd love to know, which single set knitting needle case would you start with? Are you looking for a case for your Chiao-Goo's or are your fixed circulars in desperate need of a home? 

We'd love to hear from you in the comments below! 


Sam & Olga



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