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New Leather Care Kits - What & Why

Written by Thread & Maple


Posted on July 20 2023

Tirelessly tested. Lovingly selected. Our new Leather Care Kits are a spa day for leather.

Thread & Maple's handcrafted leather products are designed to last a lifetime, but banging around your knitting bag can be a hard job! Your Needle Binder may have collected a scratch from a stray tapestry needle (or sharp little fingernails) or your Notions Clutch may be looking a little worn for wear after 3 years of hard use. Well, worry no more!

We've crafted a Leather Care Kit to keep your leather clean, soft, and absolutely fabulous.

Leather Care Kit

Why Do I Need a Leather Care Kit?

Caring for your handcrafted leather Thread & Maple product will help it last longer and in better condition. But trying to choose the right products to care for your leather can be daunting--full of questions like "what if I choose the wrong product?" or "what if this damages my leather?"

We've taken all the questions and second guessing out with this carefully curated Leather Care Kit.

What Went In to Making the Leather Care Kit?

We've researched and tested until our fingers turned blue (don't worry, the blue polish didn't make it into the kit 😉) to find the tools and products to help you keep your leather looking like the day you brought it home. 

The kit includes everything from cleaners and conditioners to cloths and pads you need to use them all in one place. 

This Leather Care Kit is perfect for anyone who wants to make their leather last in style. 


What's Included in the Leather Care Kit?

Thread & Maple Leather Buffer Pad

Thread & Maple Leather Buffer Pad

This gorgeous T&M stamped pad will help you rub away minor nicks and scratches. (It can also be purchased separately!)

Maker’s Clean Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Maker's Clean is a Toronto-based company focused on creating superior microfiber cloths to make your cleaning experience swift and easy!


Fiebing's Saddle Soap

Originally created for--you guessed it!--saddles, this hard-working soap cleans and lubricates leather to keep your leather supple and strong! (And if it can do that for rough and tumble saddles, just imagine what it can do for your Maker's Folio.) 

Otter Wax Leather Salve

Think of this as the conditioner to the Saddle Soap's shampoo. This proprietary blend of natural waxes, oils, and butters locks in moisture to restore luster and shine to dehydrated leather and protect your leather from future wear and tear.

Application Instructions

Fiebing's Saddle Soap

To Use Fiebing's Saddle Soap:

  1. Dampen a cloth and rub lightly over soap to produce light lather.
  2. Clean the leather using gentle circular motions—no rinse required.
  3. Let dry overnight, then follow with the Otter Wax or polish with a clean cloth for a light lustre. 


Otter Wax

To Use Otter Wax Leather Salve:

  1. Using a cloth, create a small divot in the center of the Leather Salve and use a swirling motion to loosen the conditioner until it has a smooth consistency.
  2. Apply directly onto the leather using smooth strokes and making sure the leather is evenly coated.
  3. Allow the Salve to dry until it begins to look cloudy and has formed a thin layer of wax. This indicated the leather has absorbed the Salve.
  4. Buff out the wax to help lock in the moisture and create a protective seal.


    Fearless Care

    Worry no more about what to use and which products to trust with your precious T&M products. 

    Now you can care for the leather you love with ease and enjoy soft, glowing leather for generations. 


    Sam & Olga



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