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Ideathon 2023

Welcome to our first Ideathon -- where your ideas could become a reality!

Do you have an amazing idea for a new knitting storage solution that you'd love to see in our shop? We want to hear it! Or are you dying for an enhancement to an existing product? Well, now’s the time to let us know!

Nominate your ideas & enhancements below, then vote for your favourites! The nominators of the top 3 new ideas with the most ❤️ votes will get a $200 CAD gift card for our shop & the top 3 enhancement idea will get a $50 CAD gift card.

We will then select at least one of the top 3 new product ideas and at least one of the top 3 enhancement ideas for production. The nominators of the selected ideas will receive the first edition, on the house!

You can submit as many ideas as you like to both categories, but please check to be sure no one has submitted the same idea first

Then everyone, whether you’ve submitted an idea or not, can get out and vote!


See below for contest rules and guidelines


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Vote for Existing Product Enhancements

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Ideathon Rules & Guidelines

How to Submit

Make a sketch to get your idea down pat, then write up a few sentences about what it is and how it works. Then submit your best sketch/photo and written summary here.


When working on your ideas, please keep in mind that we are a company focused on creating long-lasting, products handmade by artisans from natural materials — that means “Yes!” to leather, cork, jute, cotton rope, and wood and “Nope!” to plastics and fully metal items. An item is considered 'new' if it's not currently found in our shop. Click here to see all items we have.

Ineligible Submissions

New products that are already in the pipeline and are ineligible for submission:

  • Binder Notions Page
  • Binder Crochet Hooks Page
  • Embroidery Tools Organizer

How to Submit

Do you love one of our products, but you want it to be just a little bit different? Maybe you’d love to have a Notions Clutch in purple, a Needle Binder made of cork or want an extra magnet in the clasp. Make your voice heard! Click here to nominate an enhancement to one of our existing products. In the form, please select which of our products you'd like to enhance. If an item isn't available in this list, it means we can't modify it or add new colours.


What qualifies as an enhancement? A new color, a different material, or minor functional modification or fix that doesn’t constitute a major change to the use or appearance of an item.

What if your idea has been submitted, but the nominator missed something or you'd like to note a minor change? Simply note your request in the Comments field when voting for it. We will read through them all, we promise 😄

Please note that once you submit your idea, you won't be able to edit/change it after it receives votes. If you'd like to make an adjustment before that, shoot us an e-mail - quick!

Each idea will show up as an individual card in the area below. Simply click the vote button, which will take you to a form. Give the idea 1, 2, or 3 hearts (each heart equals 1 vote) then enter your name and email address.

We ask for your name and email ONLY to ensure that each person only votes on each item one time. You will NOT be added to our email list by entering your information on the card unless you check the "Subscribe" box. Joining the email list you will ensure you learn the winner of the competition as well as stay informed of all upcoming sales and new products.

You can vote on as many items as you like, but please only vote once on each item! We want each idea to have a fair shot and one vote per idea is the best way to do that!

All votes must be cast by 11:59 pm EST on July 27, 2023.

The contest begins at 10 am EST on July 13, 2023 and ends at 11:59 pm on July 27, 2023. All ideas and votes must be submitted in this time frame.

Winners of ideas chosen for production will be contacted no later than August 17th.

Production of new products may take 6 months to 1 year depending on complexity, ability to source materials, etc.

New Products 

The nominators of the top 3 new products with the most votes will receive a $200 CAD gift card. One or more of the top 3 ideas will be selected for production. If selected, the winner will also receive the first edition of their winning idea for free! 

Product Enhancements

The nominators of the top 3 new products with the most votes will receive a $50 CAD gift card. One or more of the 3 enhancement ideas with the most votes will be selected for production. If selected, the winner will receive the first edition of their winning idea for free!

We would love to make all of your wishes come true, but as we are a small business with limited resources, we can only do so much! We will select ideas for production based on feasibility, material availability and resource capacity. We will keep you all updated on estimated release dates of the chosen ideas via e-mail :) 

One thing to note is that we won't create an exact replica of a product that is already out there. We absolutely can take inspiration from other products, but we strive to create original designs or make material enhancements to re-purpose an existing item for needlecraft enthusiasts.

In the event of identical or very similar ideas being inadvertently submitted & voted on, all the votes will be consolidated to the idea that was submitted first.