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Gift Wrap - Stationery
Gift Wrap
Handmade Bag Tassel - Peripherals
Love You Card Beautiful Badass - Stationery
Miss You Card Beautiful Face - Stationery
Alpaca Needle Felted Sculpture - Peripherals
mother's day card sweet and thoughtful
Birthday Card Bernie - Stationery
unique tape measure made from maple wood
high quality black embroidery scissors
bamboo cable needle made by Kinki Amibari in Japan
knitting tapestry needles john james
Cork Scissors Sheath - Accessories
Cork Stitch Markers Case - Accessories
Cork Cable Needle Pouch - Accessories
Cork Tapestry Needles Slip - Accessories
T&M Gift Card - Cards
T&M Gift Card
From $20.41 - $204.11
leather knitting organizer designed to for needle storage, notions storage and pattern sheet storage
Notions Clutch
handmade scissors sheath made from leather