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Where Have All the Clutches Gone?

Written by Olga Paskalenko


Posted on July 22 2020

Our shelves are nearly empty as we send out the last of our first ever batch of Notions Clutches today. Our babies have left the nest and are on their way to their new homes *tear*

We thought we'd use this update to answer some of our FAQ's in the past few days, so here goes!

Q: "I missed the boat and the Clutches are sold out! When can I get one? Are they here yet? Are they here yet? Are they here yet?"

A: We're so touched that you guys are so excited about our products, thank you! Our leather workshop is in full throttle and we have our next batch arriving second week of August. We've opened up preorder on them so you can secure yours now and they will ship August 17th at the latest.

Q: "I placed my order but it's still not here. When is it coming? My tracking link doesn't work! Is it here yet? Is it here yet? Is it here yet?"

A: Almost there! If you selected "Small Packet Air" or "Flat" shipping options, they don't come with tracking. Canada post seems to be using their order numbers as stand-in tracking numbers so they don't show parcel location. Not to worry, your items are en route and will be with you any day now! If you've ordered in the past week, we were a couple of days behind getting all the orders out the door just because it was such a flood from Grocery Girls fans, but we should be all caught up today :)

Q: "When will you have more Cork Project Bags and tassels in the shop?"

A: We should have more bags and tassels in by end of August. We've also gotten requests for wrist straps to be available as optional add-ons, so we're making those as well :) They will be attachable to the zip if you need to take your project bag on the go.

Q: "Can I have my cake and eat it too?"

A: You can definitely have your cake (not sure about eating it unless you're really craving maple wood!) Our next batch of cakes should be ready by end of this month. This one will be small as our woodworking shop is knee deep in birdhouses, but we will shift back to cakes next month for another round.

Q: "When will you get more seashell stitch markers?"

A: We have a few sets left that we've put up for sale yesterday, but it's a small batch so they'll likely go quickly. But don't worry if you miss them, more are being made as we speak! We're hoping to have them in by early August.

Q: "Why are some items available for preorder and not others?"

A: We make items available for preorder as soon as we have a concrete date of when they will arrive and be ready to ship. We want to make sure to provide you with a date we're confident in, before we accept any payments for items currently out of stock or not yet released. We give T&M members first dibs on pre-orders and new product releases, so be sure to join and subscribe to our newsletter :)

Q: "What new goodies are you cooking up?"

A: We're full speed ahead with our product pipeline and can't wait to share our new products with you all! You can expect at least one BIG new product release every month and 1-2 mini ones in between. Next up, we'll be expanding our cork product line and launching more home craft organizers. We've got new unique stitch markers in the works and definitely more of that luxurious leather coming your way! Stay tuned to our newsletter and Instagram for all the latest :)



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