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Why We're Out of Stock (It's Not Covid)

Written by Thread & Maple


Posted on September 21 2023

Is something you want out of stock?

It can be a bummer when you have assembled the perfect binder, but one page is missing. You may be tempted to wait for that final page, but we encourage you to go ahead and get what’s available when it’s available and here’s why. 

You may have heard the phrase “supply chain issues” more than you would like to in one lifetime. While it’s most often used in conjunction with Covid related issues, that’s not our problem. Ours is the continuing war in Ukraine.

If you haven’t read before, our leather products are handmade in small batches by amazing leather workers in Ukraine. These resilient artisans are amazing and we could not be who we are without them.

But there is a war on.

And it effects every single aspect of their work and lives. 

Earlier this year, nearly our entire workforce was involuntarily recruited to join the army.

They have had to relocate the workshop several times and were forced to work out of our designer's basement.

Not to mention you cannot ship to and from Ukraine. This mean sourcing only Ukrainian leather (hence the difficulties with releasing numerous colors)--so we're incredibly fortunate that the amazing Crazy Horse Leather is based out of Ukraine. And the cost of all hardware like zips and clasps (when you can get them) has sky rocketed as a lot of factories in Ukraine have shuttered or been damaged by war.

To get specialty items like the little ziplock bags for everyone's favorite cables page into the country as well as the finished products out, a brave individual has to make runs in and out of Poland to make the shipment drops and pickups.

From Poland, the items are shipped through multiple customs ports to Canada, where our small, intrepid team is tasked with unpacking, photographing, sorting, and restocking every single item that goes in and out.

They are also in charge of photographing and listing each individual item for the second sale, hand packing your items for shipping, and so much more.

Then items are sent around the world to your home.

It’s no small or easy journey.

So we thank you for your patience with us, with our team in Canada and with our team in Ukraine.

We hope to one day have everything stocked at all times. We would love that for you and for ourselves.

Cables page with hearts

We are working diligently, doing everything we can, to make that a reality. But it will be some time, and more importantly some peace, before we can achieve that goal. 

So our recommendation--especially if you're looking at specialty pages--is to get the ones you want when you find them available! We restock what we can went we can, but we never know when everything could change. 


Sam & Olga



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