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Maker Spotlight: The Petite Knitter

Written by Thread & Maple


Posted on February 26 2024

We are so excited to feature The Petite Knitter by the amazing Weichien Chan for February 2024's Maker Spotlight! Known for her cozy designs, stunning colorwork, and equally stunning backdrops, Weichen (and her arctic home) has a special place in our hearts. And now we're thrilled to share a few of those fabulous designs and get a behind-the-scenes look at her amazing new book! 

Check out what The Petite Knitter has to say about the design influences, stranded colorwork, and the journey to her Arctic Knits. 

 The Petite Knitter Weichien Chan Sweater + Bunny

1. How did you end up in the Arctic Archipelago and how do your stunning (yet frigid) surroundings influence your knitting choices?

I moved to the arctic for work and decided to stay for a while. I find inspiration all around me, regardless of where I might be. The arctic is no exception.

We get very distinct seasons here and every season brings different colours, views, feelings and landscapes, which are reflected in my designs and my palette.

 The Petite Knitter Weichien Chan Sweater Stack

2. Almost all your designs feature colorwork. What has drawn you to stranded knitting and do you have any tips for knitters just starting down the stranded path?

Whenever I think of cozy knitwear, a fair isle jumper comes to mind. Perhaps this was the reason I was drawn to colourwork.

After learning the basics of knitting, I designed my very first colourwork hat because I couldn't find one that I liked online. I made it up as I went and fell it love.

I think that sealed the deal on my journey with colourwork. I was a crafty kid growing up and always exploring with colours and designs so this came naturally to me.

I would recommend knitters who are interested in colourwork to not be intimidated. It is easier than it looks. Start with two colours and simple repeats. Keep in mind that lots of practice and patience are the keys to mastering colourwork!

The Petite Knitter Weichien Chan Arctic Knits

3. Tell us about your new book, releasing at the end of the month. How did the project get started? Do you have an overarching theme in the designs, and if so what inspired it? And what has you the most excited and/or nervous about this new venture?

As the name suggests, Arctic Knits is an ode to the arctic. It is all about the far north - from the photography, the views to the inspiration behind the designs. How this project started was an instagram message from the publisher. They reached out to me and asked if I was interested in writing a book.

I never thought I would be but here we are.

This has been years in the making and has kept me up for countless nights. There are so many moving parts to publishing a book that it feels surreal to see it all finally come together.

I am beyond excited to share with the knitting world the views that inspired me endlessly. I truly hope you enjoy the landscape and the patterns in Arctic Knits!

Note: The publisher notified me about shipping delays so it looks like the publication date is delayed to March, and April in certain regions (See, the worries never end and still keeps me up at night!)


Connect with The Petite Knitter

Connect with Weichien through The Petite Knitter on Instagram and Ravelry

And you can pre-order Arctic Knits (out in March/April in some regions) at This is an exclusive autographed copy with a personal message + free gift + yarn discounts and will be offered only once. 

Or pre-order on third party sites and get the e-book/kindle version here.

Until Next Time

Thanks Weichien! We loved getting to know (even better) the woman behind the amazing designs of The Petite Knitter! 

Stay tuned for a cool (and surprisingly easy) tutorial on the most dreaded word in the knitter's vocabulary: steeking 😱


Sam & Olga



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