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Maker Spotlight: Lavanya Patricella

Written by Thread & Maple


Posted on January 13 2024

Have you heard of Lavanya Patricella? She's the designer of gorgeous knitwear that challenges you to step out of your comfort zone and into the daring and fabulous world of colorful brioche. 

We couldn't get enough of Lavanya's fun, confident style. Her Mona Lisa smile and stunning knits kept us coming back for more. 

And have you seen that maternity dress...?! Just you wait! 

Maker Spotlight Question #1

My Chrysalis by Lavanya Patricella

What is your favourite of all your designs and why? Is there one that has a special meaning to you?

Oh this is a tough one!! Some of my most favorite designs aren’t patterns (yet?)… like the dresses I knit for my maternity shoots. But if we are picking from patterns that are out in the world, I love My Chrysalis shawl. That pattern was inspired by my love for raising monarch butterflies. I also love the garter snake collection just cause they are so fun to make.


Maker Spotlight Question #2
Lavanya Patricella

Where do you draw your inspiration? Do you have any tips for finding inspiration when a new design idea doesn't materialize as easily?

Most of my inspiration comes from color and texture. A lot of times I will just see a yarn combination I like and my brain will start on a daydream about what it would look like if I used this stitch or needle and then I usually just cast on and see where the journey takes me.

I’ve always considered myself to be more of a fiber artist then a designer, despite being a designer for many many years now. I don’t have the standard method of design, I rarely sketch it out first, its a very spontaneous creative method and I’m usually writing out the pattern as I go.

My advice is to think outside of the box sometimes, try new things, go for it, don’t be scared to bail if you don’t like it and start again. Some of my most cherished knits hit the frog pond (ripped out haha) before turning into their final form.

Maker Spotlight Question #3

Lavanya Patricella

You're a mom of 3, what are some ways you involve your kids in your craft? Or is there a separate "maker self" and "mama self" that you try to keep separate?

I’ve been designing a few more kid patterns so that’s been a fun way to incorporate the kids into what I do. Finding the work/mom/life balance is definitely challenging. I tend to have my knitting with me everywhere so when the kids are involved in play I can sneak in a few rows.


My 10 year old just recently learned to knit so sometimes he sits and knits with me but for the most part I do most of my work while multitasking all my other mom responsibilities.

Lavanya Patricella

It isn’t always ideal but I also feel very lucky to have the option to stay at home with my kids and work.

They love everything I make and are my biggest fans for sure. I’m also lucky to have a very supportive partner who makes sure the kids are taken care of so I can travel and teach.

Connect with Lavanya

Want to learn more about the fabulous Lavanya and her fabulous designs? Connect with her on Instagram at @lavanyapatricella or check out her 100+ knitting patterns on Ravelry & Etsy


Thanks so much to Lavanya for sharing her story and her delightful knits with us. It's been a blast getting to know her and her delightful designs. 



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