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How to Use the Leather Envelope

Written by Thread & Maple


Posted on September 08 2023

We're pretty excited about our new leather envelope because it does SO. MANY. THINGS. And we just can't decide which function is our favorite. So we need your help! 

Read the options below then let us know in comments which we should use it for. 

The Leather Envelope As Gift Wrap

Leather Envelope

Your hand knit gift deserves to be wrapped in something beautiful and handmade too. 

Just imagine it.

You have hand knit a gift. You spent hours window-shopping for just the right yarn. You spent weeks (if not months) knitting each lovely stitch and weaving in each blasted end. You even blocked it.

But now what?

Will you shove your beautiful, hand-crafted gift into factory-produced gift wrap? Or will you envelop it in love in a luxurious leather envelope?

The Leather Envelope As a Document Holder

At 8.5x11” (22x28 cm), this leather envelope fits a full A4 printed page. So what should you store inside? 

  • Knitting/crocheting/embroidery/sewing patterns & notes - No need to fear destroying or losing your precious patterns and notes every time you toss them in your knitting bag. The leather envelope will keep them safe and ready to go!
  • Important/Special Documents - Need a sharp portfolio to house a key contract? Or maybe you need an exceptional holder for that freshly inked marriage license. This leather has got you covered. Literally. 
  • Photographs - School photos, family vacation, and mug shots of your grinning dog deserve a safe location to be stored and cherished. 
  • Homework - Sure. You need a folder for school. But who says it has to be paper? 

I'm sure there are more awesome options. What are we missing? 

The Leather Envelope As a Clutch

It's time to run out for a quick brunch with friends, but you don't need the massive tote you typically lug around. It's time to throw in some lip gloss and your cell phone and hit the road because this leather envelope makes a fabulous clutch. 

Mommas, I'm talking to you! It's your night out. Time to ditch the diaper bag. You don't need diapers, wipes, and enough snacks to feed a small army. All you need is a credit card and ID, because yes, you still totally look young enough to be carded. And now you're good to go. And did we mention you look fabulous? 

Gimme the Deets

Loving the leather envelope already? We don't blame you! 

Made from our signature Crazy Horse leather, the new leather envelope can be whatever you need. Available in Chocolate and Whiskey, this soft leather, chosen for its aging qualities, caramelized colouring, and unique patina only grows even more beautiful with time. 

The 8.5x11” (22x28 cm) leather envelope can comfortably fit hats, cowls, lightweight shawls, and up to 30 sheets of paper--not to mention a dozen lip gloss shades, your wallet, and keys. 

Plus It Comes With...

Also included when you purchase a leather envelope are two leather tags. One beautifully scripted tag reads "Handmade with Love" for the gift-givers out there. The second, smaller tag is emblazoned with the Thread & Maple logo. 

And as an optional add-on, you can opt to pair it with cheeky sew-in labels for your hand knits. Take your knit that extra step with one of these hilarious tags. 


sew on label forever to make
sew on tags


How Will You Use It? 

So now comes the big question--the one leading to fights around the office.

And we need you to settle it. 

How will you use the leather envelope? 

Tell us in the comments below! 


Sam & Olga



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