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This Leather Backpack is 🔥

Written by Thread & Maple


Posted on November 04 2023

Our new Convertible Leather Backpack is so gorgeous and useful that we'll let the video have the first word. 


Gorgeous, right?!? While we don't really need to say more, let us give you a few fun facts about our fab new leather backpack: 

  • Its convertible strap system allows it to be worn as a backpack, purse, or cross-body. 
  • It can fit a Notions Clutch AND a 3-4 skein project. 
  • The center opens up into a large, sturdy bucket pouch. 
  • The bottom has metal feet so you can sit it on the floor without the leather getting scratched and dirty. 
  • It's made from top-of-the-line Crazy Horse leather. 
  • It got pockets with plenty of room for your clutch, phone, and keys. 

Want one yet? 


Pack Up with the Convertible Leather Backpack

Convertible Backpack

We packed up an brought a preview of the new leather backpacks to Rhinebeck and we were down to 1 within hours. It's hard to believe, but as gorgeous as these babies are in photos, they are even more stunning in person. 

So much thought and care went into crafting these stunning leather backpacks so that they're not only great knitting bags but a fantastic bag to take with you anywhere, any time. 

The smooth, creamy leather is simply to die for and the front lines are completely unbroken by pocket seams. That's because the interior pockets are discreetly placed at the back. There's one large pocket (big enough for a notions clutch) and a zip pocket to keep your phone and keys secure. 

It's the perfect size--big enough to fit everything you need but not so big you'll give yourself back trouble. 

And my favorite part is not only that it can comfortably stand on its own, but it does so on 4 little metal feet so I don't scratch the bottom (or get it wet and dirty) when I sit it down beside me to knit. 


The Last Question

Convertible Leather Backpack

With so much amazingness surrounding this long-awaited new leather backpack, only one question remains. 

Which color will you choose? 



Sam & Olga



  • Love this post! You’ve convinced me to finally invest in a leather bag. I’m thinking a classic Western Cowhide Travel Leather Backpack would be perfect for my lifestyle – roomy for weekend adventures and stylish enough for everyday use. Thanks for the inspiration!


    Posted by Chris | May 07, 2024
  • Hi

    Posted by Sam | May 07, 2024
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